Here Are the Major Cost Determinants of a Transmission Repair

The primary function of an automotive transmission is the transfer of engine power to the driveshaft and wheels. There are two primary types of transmission — manual and automatic. Whichever the type, transmission repairs are one of the most expensive repairs on the vehicle. The following are the major factors that determine the cost of a transmission repair.

Vehicle Make and Model

The higher-end the vehicle is, the more expensive the transmission repair is. This covers both the replacement and spares, as well as the cost of labour — higher-end models require more expertise. However, in some cases, car rarity increases the cost of repair as their spares are harder to source and some parts may need to be imported from the car maker's country of origin.

Scope of Work

The extent of the damage, of course, determines the cost. Minimal work requiring easier to source spares such as valves and spares require fewer resources such as labour, duration of work and cost of spares. A complete transmission overhaul, however, can get quite pricey as it requires more hours, skills and more expensive spares.

In a similar vein, the source of the spares determines the cost. Common sources include direct manufacturer, an aftermarket part, usually through authorised secondary manufacturers, and a used part from either. Caution and due diligence are crucial here — a cheaper spare does not necessarily translate to quality. 

Many car owners, in the pursuit of keeping repair costs low, select the cheapest spares. This can escalate the costs of car maintenance and repairs down the road due to poor performance. Consult an authorised dealer to help you determine the right fit from the available spares' suppliers.

Transmission Type

As already highlighted above, there are two primary types of transmission — automatic and manual. An automatic transmission is more complex and requires more skills and input, thus tends to be more expensive to repair than its manual cousin. Ensure that you consult professional automatic transmission experts for the repairs, whether simple replacements or a complete overhaul. 

A manual transmission, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward and consists of simpler and fewer parts. Moreover, it is associated with the clutch system, a fairly simple mechanical system to diagnose and repair.

Whether manual or automatic, the transmission is a vital system for your car as it ensures the right amount of power is delivered to the wheels. Common signs of a problem include transmission fluid leakage, low power, and the vehicle stuck on one gear. This requires urgent attention. Otherwise, your vehicle might decide to stall in the middle of a busy highway. As both modes are relatively complex for a regular car owner to work on, ensure you seek out a qualified mechanic for diagnosis and attendance.  

If you discover that your car is driving funny, find manual or automatic transmission services near you today.

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