How to Ensure That You Get the Best End Tipper Trailer for Your Major Project

If you're working on a major construction project, one of your first jobs may be to clear the land and get it ready for initial excavation. You may have to get rid of a lot of material and will need equipment that is capable of moving each load efficiently, no matter the characteristics of the haul. You'll be looking for power and reliability when it comes to your tractor units, but you will also be looking for the best-quality trailers to handle all the outbound material. End tipper trailers are in widespread use in this situation, so what type of equipment should you be looking for and how should it be configured from an efficiency and safety point of view?


These days, end tipper trailers are manufactured from either steel or aluminium and designed to enable fast turnaround times on the work site. Either type is fit for your purpose and can carry a variety of different minerals, materials or vegetation, but you'll want to ensure that they are in good condition at the outset, especially if you buy them second-hand. In particular, have a look at the sub-frame, the axles and the rails to make sure that they are straight and true and that there is no evidence of cracking or corrosion.

End tipper trailers come in a variety of different configurations, and you should choose carefully to suit your specific needs. Some can be customised in advance of purchase, so you need to carefully weigh up your options depending on the nature of the work site and the type of material that you need to haul.


Check to see whether your tipper comes with technology to help ensure safety and security. You can add a variety of safety devices, which are designed to ensure that the trailer is used correctly and with due regard for other people in the area.

For example, you may need two cameras, one of which can give the operator a full view of the trailer when it is in its elevated mode and the other to enable the operator to back the rig up safely. Sensors could be fitted to the tailgate to let the operator know whether it is open or closed.

It's a good idea to fit the trailer with warning lights and sounds so that people who are in the vicinity can keep a safe distance from the work. Further, fit the hydraulic ram with a special limiter so that it can only rise at a certain speed and will not become unstable. You can match this with an inclinometer, which monitors the angle of the truck and helps to avoid overspill.

Making Your Choice

Talk with your equipment supplier and make sure that your end tipper trailer is perfectly suited for your job so that you finish ahead of schedule and under budget.

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